Tuesday, July 21, 2009

After the Freeze

The hosta did bounce back, although I had to trim off a lot of frozen leaves and they are much smaller this year. But I'm sure they will be fine next spring.
Lily bulbs - ouch - so many were already over a foot high. Many froze. They won't bloom this year. I will add bulb food in the fall and hope they come back next year. I still have a lot coming into bloom and I had a lot of bulbs to plant, so they is plenty of color.
The bleeding hearts went back into dormancy. They usually last until August here in the moist shade we have, but they die back immediately after the freeze. I don't think they will be damaged though.
The Rose of Sharon were just starting to leaf out. Those leaves froze. It took about a month for new foliage to emerge. No blooms yets.
From what I gathered from the local weather site, we were at 30 degrees for about 4 hours that night.

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