Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yes, I can tell it's coming. Acorns are falling, we hear the loud 'ping' as they hit the metal roof of the storage sheds, the propane tank, and the pergola roof. Leaves are changing and falling almost immediately. It was the summer that never was here. We had so much rain, 7 inches over our normal rainfall. I think the robins and wood thrushes left in July and we haven't seen them since.
The hummingbird female may still be here - at least she was yesterday. She's been intrigued by a small ripe tomato on the plant outside the window. I've watched her buzz around that tomato
so many times. She's sure anything that color must surely have some nectar - lol

This week, I heard some branches snapping in the woods and spotted this buck rubbing the velvet from his antlers.

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  1. What a pretty deer! I know you have a problem with the eating your plants, but they are still beautiful animals! And, they must love you,to bestow you with their presence!

    Poor little hummer. All of those gorgeous blooms you have, and she falls in love with a tomato. Maybe you should hang a hummer feeder in your window next year!

    You've got deer, bear, skunks,and raccoons visiting. What's next? Maybe a moose ambling through? lol