Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hosta Creek

Well, it's not really a creek, it seldom has standing water. It's really just a diversion ditch across the back edge of our property. The area is slightly lower than the neighbors yard and was flooding during heavy rains. So hubby made this slight ditch to divert the water run off into the woods and down to the street ditch. Hosta Creek is 100 ft with 2-3 ft on either side of it. It's mostly shady with a few spots of dappled shade as the sun passes overhead during the day.
And you can see the fence along the property line to keep the deer out of the yard.

These photos were taken in late summer 07. Since then, I've been planting hostas and arisaema, daffy's, tiarellas and other plants along both sides. This year, I'll be adding more shade plants such as tricyrtis and epimediums, ligularia and brunnera.
So, these are the 'before' pictures of Hosta Creek. And in a month or so, we'll start to see what it looks like this year.

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  1. Can't wait to see the "afters"! We have a very similar area on our yard so I'll use this as inspiration, Pam!