Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pulmonaria aka Lungwort

There are many varieties of Pulmonaria. It's an early spring bloomer, sending up flower stems first and blooming first. Then after blooming will send up a rosette of
leaves, similiar to a hosta form. Some varieties are blue, some red, some pink and some, like 'Mrs. Moon' here, have both pink and blue flowers at the same time.
I have a dozen or so different varieties of Pulmonaria, some have more silver spots in their leaves than others and some are almost all silver colored. P. Sissinghurst White has all white blooms and p. Bowles Red has coral/red blooms but no variegation.
It's a very hardy perennial returning year after year. We have had it growing in our yard almost 30 years. Pulmonaria likes shade or morning sun with afternoon shade. Moist soil, especially if in sun.

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